Wellshire Farms

logo-wellshire2003meatgraphicWhen I first got into the “natural” meat business in the 90s there were a number of small producers trying to cater to consumers requests for all natural product. Many have since gone but the one I have dealt with for the longest time and has grown to national recognition is Wellshire.

Yorkshire Farms as they were known at the time began to offer items that were plentiful in the conventional marketplace but not even thought of in a truly natural offering.

Started in New Jersey by Lou Colameco, Wellshire is a great example of a family owned success story. Now over twenty years in business Wellshire is still a privately owned and operated company that has a product range of over 300 items and Lou is still the driving force behind his company constantly creating new products that health conscious consumers look for while never sacrificing flavor.

The array of items Wellshire currently offers is truly astounding with enough categories to answer all retailer, distributor, foodservice and consumer needs.

Dry rubbed bacons in multiple flavor and thickness profiles even fully cooked that don’t need refrigeration perfect for picnics. Snack Sticks in three varieties again that don’t need refrigeration and proving to be a huge hit with hikers, sportspeople or just a tasty mid day snack. BBQ chicken, beef, pork and ribs all fully cooked. Chicken sausage without casing a delight to consumers who have moved away from pork products. Multiple varieties of hot dogs and a whole range of smoked sausage. Then there are the deli meats everything from pastrami to roast beef, Black Forest and Virginia ham and the all new Low sodium ham a kids favorite. The list goes on all these family favorite’s that are wholesome and safe to give to your family begin with certain attributes.

productlistRaw Materials
•    No antibiotics -this is important as the term antibiotic free is not the same as “No antibiotics ever”
•    No added growth hormones or artificial growth promotants ever
•    All animals fed vegetarian feed only (no animal byproducts)
•    Highest standards of animal welfare achievable

All finished products also have key attributes
•    No artificial nitrites or nitrates
•    No preservatives
•    No colors
•    Cutting edge packaging technology

Using these guidelines Wellshire has become a nationally recognized company with a unique approach to their business. Lou uses old world recipes for his product line partners with the best family run producers for bacon, sausage, hot dogs, hams, frozen foods, BBQ and charcuterie and employs cutting edge technology to ensure top quality product for consumers of his products.

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