Koch Turkey Farm

The Kochkoch200 family have been farming in the Lewiston Valley PA since the early 1900s. Koch Turkey Farm was established in 1953 and today is being run by the third generation of the family with the 4th generation in training.

Koch have been pioneers in growing turkeys with a strong focus on animal welfare this was done by only feeding the turkeys an all vegetarian diet with plenty of room to move freely outside during their life. Another major focus of Kochs growing practices was to never use antibiotics on their turkeys.

By adhering to these practices Koch became the first turkey farm to achieve the Certified Humane status and in time move on to be GAP (Global Animal Partnership) approved. Koch turkey farm currently grows over 800 000 turkeys a year.

In addition to their All Natural Turkey, they also offer USDA certified Organic as well as Heirloom Bronze lglabelturkeyTurkeys that are free ranged. The Heirloom Bronze turkey is a traditional strain of Orlopp Bronze which has great taste, less fat, and superior meat yields. Koch also offer premium value added turkey products including nuggets, burgers, smoked items, and much more.

Koch’s Turkey Farm is one of very few family owned turkey farms remaining, and are committed to producing the cleanest, healthiest, and best tasting turkey you can buy. Their high growing standards focused on a pure vegetarian diet and humane practices results in a stress free life for the turkeys, which in turn results in a tender and flavorful turkey, which we invite you to experience.

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