Blue Goose Cattle Company

Blue Goose Cattle Company is based in Caraboo BC. The cattle spend their entire life on the same farm and are processed in a USDA facility on a weekly basis. Once weaned they spend their entire lives grazing on organic prairie land and the only supplement to their diet is organic barley. This gives the fat coverage a more pleasant white color compared to the usual yellow fat of grass fed beef.

Blue Goose Cattle Company produce to fill customers orders and only supply a whole head program. Experienced meat teams know the value of a whole head program from a retail pricing and margin perspective. This program allows the retailer to assign different retails to cuts depending on how their customer’s purchase hence allowing them to be more aggressive with less popular cuts.



High-quality pasture is the key to high-quality meat. Angus-cross cattle growth is determined by their genetics and the quality of the forage, not hormonal implants or growth promoting additives.


Blue Goose Cattle Company beef is 100% organic.  •  Best animal welfare practices are important at Blue Goose.  •  Blue Goose cattle spend their entire lives on the same farm.

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